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Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic… and the rest!

Sorry! #mentalhealth


Just a quick note to apologise for being MIA last week & probably this week too. Three things: I’ve had/still have a lot going on in my personal life I’ve developed a horrendous cold in 24 hours  Oh.. & I’m in Brussels, despite said cold & all the physical anxiety symptoms this time of year brings.  I’m currently sat on a roof solo, reading a 600 page book & hoping […]

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Mental Health & Dark Nights


In the words of Ned Stark… “Winter is coming.” Not that the drop in temperature bothers me too much, because being a vampire and all, I LOVE the cold. No joke, I wear factor 50 every day and spent most of summer covered in ice.    However, winter also brings the danger of dark nights and if you suffer from a mental health condition, then this can cause real problems. […]

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@StylistMagazine video for #Worldmentalhealthday


I recently took part in a video with Stylist Magazine for World Mental Health Day. It features myself and two other women. We discuss things that shouldn’t be said to a person who is suffering from anxiety. (I’ve heard the phrases mentioned so many times. Apart from milk… that’s a new one)! I cant deny that I was shitting myself before the team turned up! But they were all really nice […]

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World Mental Health Day! #WMHD16


IT’S HERE! No not Christmas. Save the bells, tinsel and TV related punch ups for another few months…. It’s World Mental Health Day!🙂 How incredible is that sentence? A whole 24 hours dedicated to mental health! It’s a step in the right direction for awareness. Someday I hope that we won’t need it, because the world will accept that having a brain = mental health. But for now, I’m just thankful […]

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Mental Bday Bash!


On Saturday I celebrated my birthday… the big 30! (My actual birthday isn’t until Weds, but you get the idea). It was fancy dress, which I LOVE. Probably for some annoying psychological reason, like.. I can disappear into somebody else’s life for a while. It’s like incredibly fun armour! I must admit, I don’t feel mature enough to be 30, but then I said the same when I got married. […]

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Time to Change #Storycamp


Recently I took part in a presentation at Time to Change’s annual Story Camp. Every year they organise a day of workshops, with the overall aim being to encourage people with mental health conditions to share their stories, whether via blogging, vlogging or in the media. Why? Simple. STIGMA. That ugly word we all like to pretend isn’t real, surely it isn’t as bad as the press make it sound? […]

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Words Fail Me – Fashion & #mentalhealth


This is not a sponsored post  Never did I think I’d see the day when fashion embraced mental health in a genuine and meaningful way… Not before a flying pig or money tree at least! I’ve recently discovered Maison de Choup. Don’t be put off by the fancy French name, they’re really nice, cool people. Not to mention talented. Vanity Fair labelled them ‘The Fashion brand with a mental health cause […]

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