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Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic… and the rest!

Crimbo and Code Blue


“It’s beginning to look a lot like….” Yep you know the rest! We put our decorations up last night, all baring the tree because we couldn’t be arsed  it takes ages and Rigby would only destroy it at some point. During this season, I notice that people fall into one of two categories: Christmas crazy Christmas humbug In previous years I’ve tended to lean more towards humbug, mainly due to […]

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MIA update – viral infection :(


Apologies for the severe lack of posts lately. After the ‘This Morning’ appearance I caught a nasty cold, which developed into a viral infection. This involved losing my voice, only to get it back but with a Shakespearian witch twang… Lets not talk about the endless amounts of phlegm, or nose bleeds.  I went to a wedding yesterday, thinking I was finally getting over it, only to be punished with […]

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This Morning – the day after…


Yesterday I appeared on This Morning to talk about my book and my experiences with social anxiety. Was I nervous? Let’s just say that during the journey to ITV studios, I forced Dan to have a ridiculously in depth conversation about all the potential plot twists in Westworld. Literally EVERY single one. (It was 8:30am, but I needed distracting)! Everyone there was super nice and made me feel as comfortable […]

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We’re All Mad Here Book


After one year in the making, the book has finally been published and will available everywhere from Monday 21st November! Thank you to everyone who came to the launch. It was wonderful to meet so many mental health advocates and all round awesome people. I started writing my blog in 2013 when I was recovering from a nervous breakdown. Years of ignoring my issues with social anxiety finally caused my […]

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The Mind Awards 2016


On Monday I attended the Mind awards, which is an awesome statement on it’s own, but to further sweeten the deal, my blog was nominated for an award! That’s right. The blog that I started three years ago, thinking nobody except my mum would read it and maybe a few people who were looking for Alice in Wonderland stuff, was nominated for a MIND AWARD. Naturally I was really cool […]

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Distract me!

As a concept ‘distraction’ sounds basic. A sort of “look at the pretty lights,” wishy-washy technique. However, to assume this would be a big mistake. Distraction is an extremely powerful mental health tool. This was recently tested when a friend of mine (who doesn’t suffer from anxiety) had a terrible stomach bug, and in between being sick she burst into tears and started to panic about the next batch of […]

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Social media – help please! 


Wonderful people, I need your help.  My book comes out on 21st November & im trying to reach as many people as possible on the social media.  The main reason I started writing was because I didn’t want anyone else to go through the same shit that I did and for so long. The younger that mental health conditions are caught, the better. We can change things through education. Sorry […]

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