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Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic… and the rest!

Social Anxiety & Dating

Awww, he had no idea!

“Well this is weird” – ahhh… the magical words that I uttered to my (now) husband Dan, when we first met. It didn’t help that he initially went in for a hug, whereas I’m firmly a handshake person. But I definitely shocked him with my opening statement. I got to the train station at least ten minutes early, sweating buckets and debating whether or not I should do a runner before I made a […]

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Anxiety and loneliness


Loneliness… It’s a dirty word right? Something we never dare to utter out loud through fear of appearing feeble or pathetic. The idea that anyone should feel sorry for us is unbearable. I think I was around twenty three when I felt my first pang. Like a dead weight in the pit of my stomach, I couldn’t seem to shift it. Other than my desire to work in publishing, another […]

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Mental health – cushion!


Greetings all! Allow me to be frank from the first sentence. This is a sponsored post. Well sort of… I mean I’m writing exactly what I want to write, but at the same time I’m still technically plugging something. Before I went on my honeymoon I received an email from a dude in Nebraska (he’s called Tom) who wanted to send me a pillow “that provides anxiety relief.” Nay I […]

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Escapism #mhsm


Lately I’ve been thinking about Escapism. By definition – “the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.” I’ve always had what a teacher once called, “an over active imagination.” I could make a story out of anything and give a complete history to even the most mundane object. This I why I really struggled to get rid of any of my teddy bears when I left […]

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Anxiety and Autism

autism show

This week I’d like to write about another mental disorder, one that shares symptoms with anxiety and panic attacks. On Saturday I attended The Autism Show in London, which is the national event for Autism and Asperger Syndrome. After wandering around in complete awe for a while, (some of the sensory toys are incredible)! I started talking to the staff at The National Autistic Society and I was particularly moved […]

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The tiger was waiting at the airport..


Greetings all.. I’m back in the UK and inevitably consumed by the blues. I’ve been in a cosy bubble for the last ten days. I WANT MY BUBBLE BACK! Over the course of my honeymoon I ate my weight in cheese (no joke I had a block a day) and drank enough wine to fill a bath tub…. And it was glorious. I even went snorkelling.. ME.. snorkelling in the […]

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For my husband…


Just a quick post before I bugger off on my honeymoon! I’d like to share the poem, (I use this term very loosely) that I wrote for Dan. It was read during the ceremony. For my husband I’m in love with a man who wants to be a superhero, Someone with extraordinary talents and abilities. He wants X-ray vision, super speed and a thorough knowledge of the force. But the […]

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Last one as a single lady!

This will probably be my last post until June. The wedding stuff is in full gear and I need to get my book finished this week. That sounds so cool right?😉 Me sat outside a café writing my book with a coffee and a cigarette (I don’t smoke, but whatever). In reality, I’ve been sat at my desk with my ridiculously small laptop trying not to smash my head against […]

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