wE'Re AlL mAd HeRe

Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic… and the rest!

Panic Attacks

Streetwise 2000 – MH Youth Club

I recently gave a talk at a youth centre, one close to my home town. A really cool and friendly place for adolescents to hang out, meet like minded people and talk about mental health. A massive shout out to Streetwise 2000! Knocking on the front door I felt nervous, as I always do before public speaking. However, within seconds all of the anxiety melted away. I was greeted with kindness, respect […]

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Define ‘Really Disabled’ George

Dear George, (or Mr Freeman if you prefer), Senior Advisor to The Prime Minister herself, and Head of the Number Ten policy unit. My oh my, where to even begin? Well I suppose we could start by addressing the giant elephant in room, the one with a mental illness and currently showing you the bird. Did you really mean what you said on BBC Five Live? You know.. the part about […]

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The Bully & Winter Blues

Unfortunate weekend, I had so many things that I wanted to do; blog posts, film, meet people, clean the flat. But with the exception of watching Poldark, I actually did f**k all. Instead, I spent two days in a state of fatigue, sadness, and guilt. I just wanted to stay in bed and hide, whilst at the same time, I hated myself for being so lazy. Like a weird co-dependency. […]

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Mental health and the workplace

Recently I ran a poll on Twitter “Would you feel confident being honest with your employer about a mental health issue?” (If you don’t follow me on Twitter, how dare you)! 72% Answered ‘NO’. The results didn’t surprise me, but I did feel sad. Mental illness is hard enough without the added pressure of worrying about your livelihood. I didn’t tell anyone about my anxiety, let alone my employer for […]

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Going underground – anxiety & transport

Here we are, back to reality after a gloriously long Easter weekend. Blue, me? Let’s just say that I almost cried when my alarm went off this morning. Then thought about phoning in sick (I came up with at least four decent reasons). After another ten minutes I crawled out from under the covers and cursed the world. WHY IS MY LIFE SO HARD?  Breakfast and a cuddle with Rigby sorted me out. A […]

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Is anxiety making you ill? Like.. physically

Lately I’ve been thinking about Cortisol. (Now if that isn’t the sexiest phrase you’ve ever heard, then I don’t know what is)! I’ll spare you the medical jargon – Cortisol is basically the stress hormone and it works closely with Adrenalin, they’re BFFs. Both are linked to panic attacks and anxiety. In the same way adrenaline is released during a period of distress, Cortisol levels are also increased. Fawn Hansen […]

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The end is nigh!

I spend most of my time dealing with imaginary disasters. I’m a fortunate teller for my own life, (or in this case forsh** teller because it’s never good news). On Thursday I did a speech at charity event in front of around one hundred people. The charity was In Mind of Violet and I agreed to talk about my experiences with Social Anxiety. I was totally cool with the idea back in January when they […]

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Santa ain’t ma shrink!

“How can you be sad? It’s Christmas!” Possibly the most infuriating phrase I’ve EVER heard.. and yet it pops up every year. November to early February are hard months for me, (due to a traumatic event that happened ten years ago.. long story). My anxiety flares up and my moods plummet in response. Anyone with a mental health condition will know that such feelings or symptoms are not a ‘choice’ […]

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