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Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic… and the rest!

Social Anxiety

Streetwise 2000 – MH Youth Club

I recently gave a talk at a youth centre, one close to my home town. A really cool and friendly place for adolescents to hang out, meet like minded people and talk about mental health. A massive shout out to Streetwise 2000! Knocking on the front door I felt nervous, as I always do before public speaking. However, within seconds all of the anxiety melted away. I was greeted with kindness, respect […]

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Define ‘Really Disabled’ George

Dear George, (or Mr Freeman if you prefer), Senior Advisor to The Prime Minister herself, and Head of the Number Ten policy unit. My oh my, where to even begin? Well I suppose we could start by addressing the giant elephant in room, the one with a mental illness and currently showing you the bird. Did you really mean what you said on BBC Five Live? You know.. the part about […]

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What Does An Anxious Person Look Like?

One of the most common remarks I hear when talking about mental health is, “you don’t look like you have social anxiety.” Or, “but you’re always so happy.” It’s not something I take offence to, because it’s meant with curiosity and I suppose in some ways, a compliment. “Oh wow, you don’t seem crazy at all!”I think they expect me to be rocking in a corner somewhere, clutching a bottle […]

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We’re All Mad Here Book

After one year in the making, the book has finally been published and will available everywhere from Monday 21st November! Thank you to everyone who came to the launch. It was wonderful to meet so many mental health advocates and all round awesome people. I started writing my blog in 2013 when I was recovering from a nervous breakdown. Years of ignoring my issues with social anxiety finally caused my […]

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The Mind Awards 2016

On Monday I attended the Mind awards, which is an awesome statement on it’s own, but to further sweeten the deal, my blog was nominated for an award! That’s right. The blog that I started three years ago, thinking nobody except my mum would read it and maybe a few people who were looking for Alice in Wonderland stuff, was nominated for a MIND AWARD. Naturally I was really cool […]

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The Bully & Winter Blues

Unfortunate weekend, I had so many things that I wanted to do; blog posts, film, meet people, clean the flat. But with the exception of watching Poldark, I actually did f**k all. Instead, I spent two days in a state of fatigue, sadness, and guilt. I just wanted to stay in bed and hide, whilst at the same time, I hated myself for being so lazy. Like a weird co-dependency. […]

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#MentalHealth and the Media

Happy Halloween everyone! Normally I love a bit of dress up, but I didn’t do much this year. Although I’ll admit, I did miss judging the girls in really inappropriate clothing.  A sexy Red Riding Hood? – SHE’S A CHILD!! Apologies for the long radio silence. Things have been interesting, to say the least…. Don’t worry, Mr Fraser and I are still married, Rigby is still Rigby and no, I’m […]

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Mental Health & Dark Nights

In the words of Ned Stark… “Winter is coming.” Not that the drop in temperature bothers me too much, because being a vampire and all, I LOVE the cold. No joke, I wear factor 50 every day and spent most of summer covered in ice.    However, winter also brings the danger of dark nights and if you suffer from a mental health condition, then this can cause real problems. […]

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