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Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic… and the rest!


The Terror Trigger

The news of what went down in Westminster yesterday affected everyone. Phones rang & buzzed all over London, family & friends desperate to know that their loved ones were safe. I’ll never understand the desire to take a life. To cause pain. My heart goes out to all the victims of this horrific attack. There’s a legion of people behind you, sending their love & support. From a mental health […]

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We’re All Mad Here – The Next Step

So as this charming high quality video states…. I’m taking my blog to the next level and I need your help. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/claire-eastham What you need to know: After decades, mental health research and development is still at stage one. In short, there’s no money (I could phrase that more eloquently… but you know), and so things are not likely to change soon. Knowledge is power. Everyone deserves to be armed […]

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Streetwise 2000 – MH Youth Club

I recently gave a talk at a youth centre, one close to my home town. A really cool and friendly place for adolescents to hang out, meet like minded people and talk about mental health. A massive shout out to Streetwise 2000! Knocking on the front door I felt nervous, as I always do before public speaking. However, within seconds all of the anxiety melted away. I was greeted with kindness, respect […]

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Define ‘Really Disabled’ George

Dear George, (or Mr Freeman if you prefer), Senior Advisor to The Prime Minister herself, and Head of the Number Ten policy unit. My oh my, where to even begin? Well I suppose we could start by addressing the giant elephant in room, the one with a mental illness and currently showing you the bird. Did you really mean what you said on BBC Five Live? You know.. the part about […]

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What Does An Anxious Person Look Like?

One of the most common remarks I hear when talking about mental health is, “you don’t look like you have social anxiety.” Or, “but you’re always so happy.” It’s not something I take offence to, because it’s meant with curiosity and I suppose in some ways, a compliment. “Oh wow, you don’t seem crazy at all!”I think they expect me to be rocking in a corner somewhere, clutching a bottle […]

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Along Came Polly..

The social media and mental health have an odd relationship. I for one am NOT going to shit all over it, because blogging is my bread and butter. Twitter helped me to connect with other anxiety sufferers, Facebook enabled me to set up my own mental health community and instagram indulges my love of dogs looking cute. However, I do acknowledge the dark side, one that I doubt even Lord […]

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We’re All Mad Here – Giveaway!

Greetings all! We made it through January, (by the skin of our teeth) and now it’s time to embrace February and all the possibilities that it may bring. But how? I hear you ask. Well what better way to celebrate the end of the most depressing month of the year than with…. BADGES!!  For the chance to win one please tweet this message: It’s Feb & We’re All Mad Here! https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Books/Were-Here-Nonsense-Guide-Living-Social-Anxiety/1785920820 #Allmadherebook @ClaireyLove  […]

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