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Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic… and the rest!

Streetwise 2000 – MH Youth Club

I recently gave a talk at a youth centre, one close to my home town. A really cool and friendly place for adolescents to hang out, meet like minded people and talk about mental health. A massive shout out to Streetwise 2000!

Knocking on the front door I felt nervous, as I always do before public speaking. However, within seconds all of the anxiety melted away. I was greeted with kindness, respect and complete acceptance. It was as though I was barely noticed (in a good way). Just part of the family, left to settle in and relax. Handed a brew, a biscuit and invited to sit in the cosy seating area. Crazy talk was the norm here, which is basically my dream!


During the talk, I was bowled over by their perceptiveness. They understood things that I didn’t until I was in my late twenties! We talked about CBT, the social media and a whole range of things. It made me feel quite emotional to know there’s a safe place for youths to be 100% themselves. No need to hide how they’re feeling or be afraid of judgement. Never alone.


When one of the girls started quoting a section from my book (by heart) and said how much it helped her, I very nearly lost it. The reason I write is to help others avoid going through what I did for so long. So to know first hand that I have indeed helped, meant the world.

I could’ve stayed there all afternoon!

So to Gemma Philburn and all the people at Streetwise.. I salute you. You are AWESOME! 🙂 xx

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  1. Little by little, chipping away at the stigma… Great to know about this supportive initiative, offering an early opportunity to experience (and share) acceptance. And also great that your book is finding its audience!

  2. I’ve worked with this service for almost 5 years now and their support has helped me completely turn my life around. Your visit and your wonderful words mean the world to all of us at Streetwise, you’re welcome to come and have a brew anytime!

  3. Your book has made a huge change to my daughters life! I cant thank you enough, she is still reading it but it has helped her so much and she was only on chapter 3!! Best birthday pressie i got this year was her sneaking off to Tesco on her own to get me a card and treats! She would never have done that before!! Thankyou Claire and it was lovely meeting you and your mum!!xxx

  4. The writing, speaking, and work that you’re doing to help people with their anxiety and dealing with the stigma placed on anxiety and fear is truly wonderful. You’re changing the world.

  5. It was lovely to see you at streetwise! I’m glad you liked the environment we all get the chance to go to whenever we need, sadly some people don’t get this opportunity like we do. Your book was a brilliant read and it’s so inspirational and gives hope to young people who struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Streetwise is an amazing place like you say to go and just be with like minded people and you definitely can’t go wrong with a bru and biscuit, and I’m sure we’ll all welcome you back anytime 🙂
    Thankyou for sharing your story and coming in to talk to us, we appreciate it a lot x

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