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MIA update – viral infection :(

Apologies for the severe lack of posts lately. After the ‘This Morning’ appearance I caught a nasty cold, which developed into a viral infection. This involved losing my voice, only to get it back but with a Shakespearian witch twang… Lets not talk about the endless amounts of phlegm, or nose bleeds.

 I went to a wedding yesterday, thinking I was finally getting over it, only to be punished with a 10pm physical shut down & a night spent coughing my guts up. (Me feeling sorry for myself)? YES I FREAKING AM! 😭

Anyway, needless to say it’s really taken it out of me & im trying to rest as much as possible. But I wanted to send a quick message, because I’m worried you’ll all forget about me 😦 

I’ll be posting useful stuff again soon I promise! Xx 

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19 replies

  1. Get well soon.
    I received your book after buying it in Amazon last week. I couldn’t put it down!!! But gutted that I’ve read it now, so looking forward to any future books

    • Thanks Rachel. So glad you enjoyed the book. That’s boosted my mood 🙂xx

      • I’m going to get my husband to read the chapter for caregivers, it’s perfect. Bless him, he has been bumbling along trying to do his best, when really neither of us knew what to do. So this will be very useful for him xx

  2. Hope your feeling better soon,cant wait to read your book luv Lou. X

  3. Hope you feel better soon Clare. I’ve also just started reading your book and after only reading the first few pages I’m hooked, thank you Clare, at last someone who GETS IT!! Xx

  4. Hope you feel better soon 🙂 can’t wait to start reading you book 😀

  5. Hope you’re soon back up to speed. I too have your book and can’t wait to start it. Get well soon. Xxx

  6. Get well soon my lovely. X x

  7. Feel better soon. I’ve been ill with cold and chest infection recently, definitely rest up (which is something if didn’t do enough of!) I always struggle with my mental health when I’m physically ill so try and look after your mind too xxx

  8. Get better soon we all love you xxxx thank you for your help

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  9. Feel better soon Claire!! Don’t worry about us, we can’t forget about you. Your book has been very inspiring and I’ve been telling everyone I know about it (I finished it in just a few hours).

    Take care!! 😊

  10. Aw hope you’re better soon. Not a big watcher of daytime TV so happy coincidence that I happened to catch your slot on This Morning. Ordered your book that day and have read it from cover to cover! It is as if you are describing me (bet you have heard that more than once?!). Thank you Claire.

  11. Wishing you a speedy recovery and no we won’t forget about you, you can’t get rid of us that easy 🙂

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