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Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic… and the rest!

This Morning…. TV 

Just a heads up to all my followers. I’m going to be on This Morning tomorrow. Very nervous, but hopefully I’ll do us mental health advocates proud. 😊

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  1. Just seen you on This Morning… my 13 year old daughter has suffered panic attacks since fainting on her 2nd day of high school over 2 years ago.. GP wanted to medicate!!! Ordereing your book to give her some encourage that they can be controlled x

  2. Thank you for your item on This Morning. It was good to hear your story you are an inspiration. I’ve ha anxiety since I was 8 and Solent Mind provided me with a peer support worker. Mind has helped me so much.

  3. You were great! Very inspirational and relieved to know I’m not alone. Will definitely be following your blog x

  4. Congratulations for today – you came across very well & did your cause justice! Thanks for leading me to your site 🙂

  5. I am so thankful someone has taken the courage to make a stand and say it`s ok not to be ok so proud of you even though I have never met you 🙂

  6. Hi claire. Cant put into words how inspiring you was on tv today.My sons anxiety problems are so bad he cant even walk anymore and watching you this morning has made me believe he could walk again.Well done to you for all your hard work you must have done to get well again.love.Jacqueline x

  7. Just watched your appearance on This morning. Well done and thank you.

  8. i watched you on this morning and you made me cry 🙂 i tears of joy to know im not alone ,for some reason we that suffer anxiety always tend to feel like its only us,nobody else,but to know that more awareness is being bought to the nation gives me so much more confidence to try harder,thank you,im a mum of 3,and ive had anxiety for about 10years xx

    • I too suffer from anxiety and have felt so alone. I can’t even make my husband understanding and why should he? How can you make someone understand the total fear of something you can’t describe. The item on this morning, which we watched together was such an eye opener to him. It put into words something Iv tried to do and overcome for years xx

  9. Watched you and felt you did great. Didn’t know about the book and blog & hearing people talk about this issue so openly is Awesome. Makes you feel less alone. Sometimes I’ve felt broken going through this but hearing about ppl come out the other side inspires you to try and fight harder to get well. Well done. You did yourself proud. People don’t understand just how crippling this is and you took on something I at least would have found almost impossible. Well done!

  10. Hi. I’ve just seen you on This Morning, you are a true inspiration. My daughter who is 6 is suffering huge anxiety and struggling to carry out even everyday activities which is taking over her life and ours as a family. It is heartbreaking to see her like this at such a young age. 😢
    It’s great to see you doing so well and I’m hoping by using baby steps and getting help we will get there in the end too.
    Rebecca. X

  11. Thank you for highlighting this you gave me ideas of how to combat my anxiety and depression at the moment all I want to do is curl up all day I can’t be bothered to do anything I did not see this thought as a bully. Thank you for reaching out

  12. Looking forward to reading your blog, everything sounds like what I have been going threw for years x

  13. Thank you for highlighting this I’m off work at the moment with anxiety and depression I just want to curl up and let the day go by I don’t want to do anything or go any where, this makes me feel that I’m a lazy person. I just don’t know how to want to do anything, I feel worthless. I feel that I fail people around me. These feelings I did not see them as bully’s you have given me something to work on thank you x

  14. As every ones already said, great positive tv interview
    I will be getting the book as I feel I am becoming more anxious as I get older and its restricting my life so much : (
    I’m soon to start Interpersonal Therapy to try to help some aspects of my anixity
    Well done Claire!

  15. Yes I agree watching you talk this morning reminds me of how many of us are out there struggling to cope. It can feel very lonely when you are curled up on the sofa struggling to go out.

  16. Thank you so much for making anxiety more aware off. I’ve had a bad year and I’m in recovery now. I’ve purchased the book today so feeling positive. Lots of love Tanya xx

  17. I could relate to every single word. You made me feel less ashamed. Thanks for highlighting x

  18. Hi Claire I would just like to say a huge thank you for giving me hope and to raise awareness that it’s ok to not be ok. I’m currently suffering with extreme post natal anxiety. Before I had my daughter, I could never properly empathise with people that struggled with anxiety, yet now I understand and just how bad it really is. The most difficult part for me is the intense stomach tightening 😢 (Similar to gym workout feeling).

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