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The Mind Awards 2016

On Monday I attended the Mind awards, which is an awesome statement on it’s own, but to further sweeten the deal, my blog was nominated for an award!
That’s right. The blog that I started three years ago, thinking nobody except my mum would read it and maybe a few people who were looking for Alice in Wonderland stuff, was nominated for a MIND AWARD. Naturally I was really cool about the whole thing. I certainly didn’t have a special dress made from Etsy, or spend most of the evening squealing whenever I recognised someone from Twitter. (Balls to the ‘celebs’ – although my dad was very excited to be sat behind Jeremy Paxman).
Freddie Flintoff was a wonderful host. For starters he was bloody hilarious, and he spoke with brutal honesty about his own experiences with depression. He also touched on the expectations placed on men in sport to be ‘tough’ and ‘strong,’ making it harder to be honest when they’re struggling.
The theme or focus this year was post natal depression. I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know enough about the condition, so although heartbreaking to hear so many stories, it was also an education. I’m not a fan of soaps, but when I saw a clip from Eastenders with Lacey Turner depicting a mother in a state of mania, desperately begging the doctor for help, I was in floods tears. It was very powerful.
Professor Green also won an award for his documentary on male suicide. I think the most powerful quote of the evening was “I’m crying and I hate the thought of people seeing me cry… and that’s the whole f**king problem.”
After the awards, I was lucky to speak to lots of wonderful people who work in various mental health sectors. I can’t really describe the feeling of being in a room in which any MH topic can be spoken about with ease. It was so liberating and gave me a glimpse of what the future could be like.
I didn’t win the award, but I’m delighted that it went to Rosey Adams, who’s blog PND & Me raises awareness about perinatal and postnatal mental health. She’s the founder of #PNDChat on Twitter, which is also listed on Mind. Rosey is an all round fabulous woman and her dedication to her cause is inspiring. It also helps that she’s super nice.. we had a good natter afterwards.
On a side note, part of me was bloody relieved that my name wasn’t called…. a person with Social Anxiety? On stage? In front of hundreds of people? Hmmmm, could’ve made for an interesting watch!
I would also like to give a shout out to the other nominees in the blogger category.
Laura Darrall, #ITAFFECTSME
Katie Simon Phillips, Born without marbles
Ruby Elliot, Rubyetc
Thank you to Mind for organising such a positive event. Education and raising awareness is key when it comes to mental health. So let’s keep talking!

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  1. Claire, I’m sure we all wish you’d won – I know I do and I think you deserved to. But your real prize is the forum you have provided for people to let their deepest , darkest feelings, or their happy feelings be shared with others.
    I’m not much of a cricket fan but the image I have of Freddie is being a total “lad” whilst also being incredibly good at what he does. We hear a lot in the media these days about how poorly served “young people” with mental health issues are treated, which is undoubtedly true and is disgraceful, but for someone like him to out himself (for wont of a better phrase) I think is amazing. Let’s not forget that suicide is the single biggest cause of death for middle,aged men.
    And on that happy note……keep it going and I can’t wait to read the book. 😀

  2. Congrats on the nomination! Sounds like a wonderful evening! And is your book out? Congrats on that too 😊

  3. Many congratulations – so well deserved. Your blog has really helped me in bad times when I feel like no-one understands and it always makes me smile. Plus you look gorgeous in your new dress!!

  4. Saw this in the paper today and I’m sharing it with a friend who, like me, well understands this issue. Gosh, don’t we both understand you! We absolutely hate social events and get very anxious when we have to go to them and we both dislike – intensely- being the centre of attention. Knowing that we’re not alone in this is definitely a big source of comfort. I am not sure that if people don’t experience it themselves, that they can truly understand the stress, anxiety and fear that it brings on. And most of the time, after the event, it’s never as bad as the anticipation in the build-up to the event either!

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