wE'Re AlL mAd HeRe

Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic… and the rest!

Mental Bday Bash!

On Saturday I celebrated my birthday… the big 30! (My actual birthday isn’t until Weds, but you get the idea). It was fancy dress, which I LOVE. Probably for some annoying psychological reason, like.. I can disappear into somebody else’s life for a while.
It’s like incredibly fun armour!

I must admit, I don’t feel mature enough to be 30, but then I said the same when I got married. By ‘mature’ I mean – I can’t change a fuse, I don’t know how to use a lawn mower and mortgage talk is practically a foreign language. I’m sorry, ‘stamp duty?’ What the f** is that all about?! Yet here we are, 30 I will be.

Ageing in general doesn’t bother me, the older I get the happier I’ve become. My early to mid-twenties were a wash of fear and anxiety, I was miserable at least 60% of the time and my mental health was at it’s worse. I was twenty seven before I really started to understand my condition and how to take care of myself.

By writing this blog I really hope to reduce that time for many people. This is my ultimate goal.

It’s World Mental Health Day in exactly one week and I’ll be taking part in as many things as I can, so watch this space!

Oh and the theme for my birthday? Insane Asylum. What else? 😉 A nice tongue in cheek nod to my past, my world and my people! 🙂

And a few more….God bless my wonderful friends for dressing up!




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  1. Happy birthday for Wednesday, Claire, and many more years of feeling better and better!

    • Happy 30th birthday Claire! Sartre wrote in his epic and brief novel that 30 is the Age of Reason (Also the name of the book) Your posts /blogs have inspired me as I support others with anxiety and learn about my own shit. I am grateful for the vulnerability you have shared with the world through the honesty of your stories. I am 58 now and know that when I ran around naked on my 30th (July birthday) the world was not able to handle conversations about health/mental health. So, Happy world mental health day. I look forward to the day when, as my therapist has taught me, the word “mental” is not a red flag when we talk about our “health” which . as we age , we seem to be able to go on and on about. Thank you. The world becomes more navigable as we experience it over time, especially when we surround ourselves with positivity. Many happy returns

      With appréciation

      Marie in Toronto, Canada

  2. Happy Birthday Claire…. 🎈 Thank you for all your wisdom, I love when I receive an email with your latest post. Best wishes Michelle. X x

  3. Happy birthday for Wednesday xx

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  4. 30?


    Happy Birthday! 😉

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