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Words Fail Me – Fashion & #mentalhealth

This is not a sponsored post 

Never did I think I’d see the day when fashion embraced mental health in a genuine and meaningful way… Not before a flying pig or money tree at least!

I’ve recently discovered Maison de Choup. Don’t be put off by the fancy French name, they’re really nice, cool people. Not to mention talented.

Vanity Fair labelled them ‘The Fashion brand with a mental health cause at it’s heart.’

Founded by George Hodgson, a fellow anxiety sufferer who was crippled by the condition during his childhood. The Maison de Choup T’shirt collection ‘Words Fail Me’ is a subtle yet beautiful range that perfectly sums up how people with anxiety feel when they’re unable to express themselves, even to those closest to them.

Oh and as an added bonus, they’re also really stylish. I’m a big T’shirt and jean girl, (tucked in, I have an obsession with tucked in tees).


25% Of the proceeds are donated to YoungMinds, which is not only generous but an investment in the care of young people.

The tees come in white or navy and as soon as the navy one comes back in stock I’ll be all over it!

Shop the range here.

Just found out that stock is available to pre-order. They intend to produce another batch of navy tees if there is enough demand. 

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  1. Wow! I love this I will be ordering one. X


  1. wE'Re AlL mAd HeRe

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