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Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic… and the rest!

For my husband…

Just a quick post before I bugger off on my honeymoon!

I’d like to share the poem, (I use this term very loosely) that I wrote for Dan. It was read during the ceremony.

For my husband

I’m in love with a man who wants to be a superhero,
Someone with extraordinary talents and abilities.
He wants X-ray vision, super speed and a thorough knowledge of the force.

But the thing is… I’ve never thought those powers are all that super.
Flying to Sainsbury’s would get old after a while.. and wearing an ironman suit to a dinner party is frankly just inappropriate.

I don’t love him because he can lift a car or turn water into ice.
I don’t love him because he saves the planet and wears a fancy costume (Not many people can pull off a spandex anyway).


I love him because he’s weird… about as weird as me.. and we dance in the kitchen while cooking.
I love him because he can’t relax without a reference code or confirmation email
I love him because he’s a bitch and spends the morning rating what the news readers are wearing…The poor weather girl gets the worst of it.
I love him because he escorts me to the toilet if I’ve had a nightmare, just in case there are any monsters.
I love him because he makes me laugh every single day.. even when I want to smash his head through the TV screen.

But most of all I love him because he sees ME.. even when all the lights go out… even when I can’t see myself anymore.
He sees me in the darkness.
I love him because he’s strong enough to lift the weight that threatens to crush me.
I can do anything with him by my side.

He is my heart, my home and my best friend.
I’m in love with a real superhero – the greatest man I know.

The wedding was the happiest day of my life (such a cliche I know). Thank you all so much for your kind words and best wishes.

The photos won’t be ready for a few weeks, so for now here’s one my uncle took!


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6 replies

  1. poem & photo, both beautiful 🙂

  2. Really lovely words and great pic! Much happiness to you both ❤

  3. Your poem made me cry Claire, such lovely words! Wishing you every happiness. Congratulations!

  4. Oh Claire, I’m so so happy for you 🙂 Glad everything went well and that you found someone who loves you for who you you are!! You deserve all the happiness in this universe and beyond (also cliché but true), all the best for your marriage and enjoy your honeymoon 😀

  5. So beautiful; the bride, the poem, the joy on your faces! Blessings to you both! Wishing you all happiness.

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