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In Mind of Violet

Evening folks!

Short one from me this week, as I’m swamped with my job and wedding stuff. Bloody life huh?

Getting up at 6am for the gym was soul destroying this morning. The dark AND the cold? I mean come on. Annoyingly though it really helps. A solid thirty minute session sets me up for the day and burns off that extra adrenaline.
Nice surprise in the showers… there was absolutely NO hot water, nada, zero. It was cold and I mean icy cold. My immediate reaction was to yell “Jesus Christ on a bike!” But what could I do? I was sweating like a pig.. So a freezing cold shower it was, (whilst shouting obscenities)! Certainly woke me up at least.
I received a text from fitness first around 11am informing me (and other members) that the boiler was broke. CHEERS!    

Any who, we’re nineteen days into January people. Only twelve more to go and it’s DONE. I’m sure we’ve had our ups and downs (myself included), but we’re on the home run now. So just keep swimming.

I’m delighted (and shitting myself with nerves) to announce that I will giving a talk at an event in February. The lovely girls from the charity In Mind of Violet contacted me a few weeks ago and I was bowled over by their passion for mental health awareness.

“Since losing our friend Violet we have decided to take action. We are a group of young people who want to confront the devastating impact of mental health on our generation. We hope to raise awareness through a variety of creative projects, raising money for charities that help to tackle the problems with mental health and provide a lifeline for those who suffer.”

The event will take place on 11th February at the Kobi Nazrul Centre just off Brick Lane. Everybody is welcome to attend and meet like-minded people (I’ll be the one shaking in the corner)! So if anyone is London based and free on that evening it would be fantastic to see you there.
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  1. Still shuddering at the thought of a cold shower on such a bitterly cold day but thrilled about the speaking gig! I will tell my daughter because she lives in London and has had experience of depression.

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