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Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic… and the rest!

Claire needs YOU! 

Well… I’m afraid the time has finally come. It’s been two years of writing, rambling and hopefully providing readers with useful tips and words of comfort.
OK DON’T FREAK OUT, I’M NOT QUITTING – Please… I need to write on a regular basis or my brain will explode.
However, after careful consideration I find myself in a position where I need to ask for some support from my readers. To be clear, this is a pure begging post.. I won’t sugar coat it! 

I treasure my blog, and words cannot express just how much it means to me when someone comments on a post, or sends me an email, (I know, she’s being soppy again)! But it’s true.

Sharing the ways that I’ve learned to maintain my anxiety, panic attacks and mental health in general is a huge part of my life.

However, the truth is I just can’t afford to maintain my blog as much as I would like to.
 I’m sure that you’re thinking “What does she even need money for? Blogging is free!” – It’s true, the basic act of writing a post is free, but there are a lot of hidden costs that come with it.


· Paying WordPress for my ‘Domain’ annually ($99)

· Paying wordpress for my blog theme ($49)

· Attending mental health conferences so that I can remain up to date with the latest developments.

· Buying the latest books/resources – Again I like to stay up to date so that I can feed the info back to my readers.

· Travel costs for said conferences

· Testing out holistic therapies such as Acupuncture – to review the benefits  

· Interviewing experts and journalists – I’m overly polite and always pick up the coffee/wine bill, as payment for their time.

· Electricity bills – Dan despairs about how much time I spend surfing the net reading articles and other mental health blogs!

· Freelance writing – I don’t get paid for ANY of the freelance work that I do. This applies to all of the articles I wrote for The Independent. This isn’t unique to me, nobody pays for online content these days.

· Endless amounts of Champagne 😉

 You’ll notice that I don’t allow advertising on my blog, because the idea makes me uncomfortable. Not to criticise those that do, but it’s not something that I wish to participate in. This also goes for ‘affiliate’ schemes etc. A few months ago a company got in touch and offered to pay a decent sum if I ‘plugged’ their product on my blog. I said no straight away on principal.. I think as a blogger, once you start doing that kind of thing then it’s over. I couldn’t live with myself.. plus imagine the guilt anxiety!   

The only thing I’ve ever endorsed is http://www.walkingoncustard.com/ and the author Neil didn’t pay me a penny. I wrote about it because I genuinely think it’s a great book.

Going forward I want We’re All Mad Here to evolve and become almost like an online community – Seriously I have an actual plan and everything. I’m also in the process of designing and developing an app that I hope will be available in the summer of 2016 – more about that another time.

But I can’t do any of it without your help – (sorry this all sounds like a bloody Red Nose Day appeal)!

So like many bloggers these days I’ve signed up to Patreon – it’s an American site, so everything is in dollars which is weird (unless you’re one of my US readers).. but once you get passed that, it’s all good. 

The basics – You can become a patron of my blog by giving monthly donations. You can donate as little as $2 a month, which works out at around £1.32.

Other benefits include:

· Early access to my blogs posts or videos

· Exclusive content

· Personal messages of thanks or Q&A

For more information have a look at my page here. https://www.patreon.com/weallmadhere?ty=h

There’s absolutely no pressure to donate, as I aim to continue writing until the cows come home, (never quite understood that expression). But know that any help you can give will be truly appreciated.  


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  1. Surely you should want to write your blog for you, regardless of the monetary ‘cost’. I found this post incredibly crass and grabby so have unfortunately unsubscribed.

    • I’m sorry you feel this way Sam. I write my blog both for myself & for those who suffer with mental health conditions. In order to make sure that my content is relevant & up to date I need to invest in resources, which sadly cost money.
      I wish you all the best & hope that you find a blog more suited.

      • Why do people even bother to reply in that way? If you read it once and don’t like it then the answer for a stress free life seems simple. Don’t read it again. Anyway, yes I will pony up some dough (as they say darn sarf) because I truly believe you have gone above and beyond the call of duty on this. Also, I have a fair amount of time free, so if I can help in anyway, content wise otr with anything else then I’m on Facebook and just PM me . I reckon I’m pretty much the only morgan Carran on there. But at the same time, I’m not making a contribution conditional on anything. That will be done anyway.

      • As one of my most loyal readers that makes me feel quite emotional to read Morgan. Thanks so much. Can you email me? I’ve got something I’d like to talk to you about (details in the contact me section)

  2. Hi. I’ve been reading your blog here in the US for quite awhile. And I appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into it. I think you did a nice job of wording things. It’s difficult to change, and to ask for support. But if that’s what you need, you do it! Just….. thank you for writing.


  3. Here’s a reader from Finland, been following your blog for quite a long time. I very much admire the quality of your writing and how open you are about your anxiety. You’re a darn smart and brave woman who has a lot of useful advice to give. I also know it takes tons of courage to ask for support, even if you know that what you do brings value to others. Some people may not understand it now, but they might later. So keep on writing and thanks for all you’ve done so far.

  4. Claire

    I’ve just pledged $20 a month to you so you can carry on blogging. I’ll put it for a year at least (or until my wife founds out!). That should pay for the domain and blog theme for you plus give you some left over towards your goal of enless champagne.

    And ignore the haters. There’s no ‘right’ way of asking for money but if you need it to carry on then you need it

    All the best


    • Omg Andy, I’m speechless. Thank you SO MUCH. You’re a complete gentleman. Thank you also for your endless support 🙂

      • Claire

        Not a problem at all. Blogs like yours are few and far between and it’s really helped me get a grip on some of my problems

        If my donation helps you help one other person then it’s money well spent

  5. I stumbled on your blog last year and have been a loyal reader ever since. Sometimes I get complacent when people ask for donations. I may want to donate but am too lazy to follow through. But Sam’s nasty comment motivated me! I thought your ask was well written and did not turn me off at all! In fact, I thought your expense list was very informative and educational.
    Keep up the great work and thanks for being so brave to write about your struggle…it is a huge support to many people!

  6. Hi Claire, I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now, and I find it informative and illuminating, as well as entertaining. I’ve benefited from info, advice and tips, and even more so from the affirmation that there are so many others out there facing social anxiety and panic attack problems. Because of your obvious passion to help others, and all your efforts, I’m happy to contribute. Keep up the good work! David.

  7. I only discovered your blog fairly recently, and I’m always interested to see what you write about next. I find it comforting in a way to know that there are other people out there who are struggling like I am – even though that’s not the nicest thing to have in common with other people!! I would love to help you out, but unfortunately I’m so incredibly skint right now (anxiety has a part to play in that!). I hope you manage to get the funding you need, but I’m glad to hear you’ll continue writing anyway! Thank you for all your posts – you are really helping people. 🙂

  8. Okay this has gotten way longer than expected. I’ve been under a lot more stress lately hence I only stumbeled over this now. As someone who has to put aside every penny to take care of everyting each month I am happy to say that I will try whatever I can to support you.

    To the little nasty paranoia creature within me and all the mistrusting people out there: Do I know about the dangers of the internet, about all the scary people that try to get to your money? Yes. Do I know Claire personally or have ever met her? No.
    This may not seem logical at all, but let me describe the moment I stumbeled over Claire and this blog: Half a year had passed since I had had my last heavy panic attack, it was in the evening and I was sitting on the couch when it suddenly washed over me like those big waves surfers are always so glad about. It was horrible: the shivering, the tunnel-view, the certainty that everything was going wrong, the weight on my chest getting heavier by the second and I was desperatly running around the apartment like one of these ancient cavewomen sometimes mentioned in this blog. At some point I broke down on the couch sobbing and frantically typing stuff like “Panicattack help” into the google-search bar when all of a sudden there was a link titled “We’re all mad here”. It lead me to one of the first posts (if I’m not mistaken there) and then something incredible happend: I calmed down. I sat there staring unbelievingly at the screen of my smart phone when realization hit me. I was not alone. I was not weak. There were people out there that were going through this. There were tools out there to help me fight.

    A few days after that another panic attack came. It all repeated. The shivering, the weight. The sobbing, the running. I recalled the post and read it again. It didn’t help, the panic attack was so intense I could hardly read. Despair began to rise: Why wasn’t it helping, what should I do? I clicked through the posts randomly, barely able to read until I just sat there, literally rocking back and forth and repeating two things in my head over and over again, things that I had heard from doctors, therapists and many more over and over again but that have never quite sunk in before: „I am not alone“ and „It will pass soon“.
    I have heard it so often but it is a totally different feeling to feel it. For this I am thankful to Claire. I am thankful that she chose to fight, I am thankful that she chose to let us be part oft hat fight and to help us with our fights. I am thankful that she is investing time,money, energy and much more into this. Not because she hast o but because she wants to.
    This blog (believe it or not) has changed something essential for me. The fact alone that, when I’m sitting in a corner or the tram and going through a panic attack, I know I am not alone. The fact that since I stumbeled across this blog, I’m not just repeating these words but I KNOW it is true, this alone makes me so thankful (as I am not getting tired to repeat) and the fact that every word hits a mark is a bonus I cannot be more thankful for.
    For this and many reasons more I am going to support you in whatever way I can. (Imagine a Disney-like background music to fully embrace the cheesy-ness of these words).
    I am sorry if this sounds too emotional and a bit confusing but I mean all of the above. Thank you Claire.

    yours Lexi

    • Awwww Lexi, you bloody well made me cry a little! The fact that my words have helped you so much means more than I could describe. *Sending a massive virtual hug* – don’t worry at all about donating. The PayPal thing can be complicated. If we ever meet I’ll let you buy me a glass of wine, how about that?! 😛 xx

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