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“Shut up & drive”

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a fear of taxis, or rather being in one by myself. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a local company or a black cab, I always have this overwhelming fear that I’m either going to get raped or murdered. At one point I used to carry an areosol deodorant in my bag, (because where would I get pepper spray from)? If it’s night time I fake ring Dan and be like “hello my boyfriend the CAGE FIGHTER I’m just in the taxi. Are you bringing Rigby the DRAGON out to greet me?” I feel on edge constantly, it’s bloody knackering! 

The demeanour of a taxi driver really intimidates me. Loud, cheeky, gold chains, cig hanging out of his mouth, (yes this is my stereotype). But in my defence I’ve had more bad experiences than good. I’m not (always) a miserable cow. I’ll quite happily have a chat with someone… But it tends to be a one way thing with taxi drivers. One night as we sped through town, a driver pointed out some local women; “slags who dress like that deserve all they get” – then proceeded to moan about his ex wife. Another one asked me which university I went to, only to rant about how ‘all degrees are worthless’ and students are a ‘waste of space.’ For some reason they believe their word to be gospel, and we the passengers have to bear witness.

Oh God then there’s the stress about price… What is he going to charge me? Do I leave a tip?

Well I was in Norwich today for work and I had to get a taxi back to the train station. When I got into the car I couldn’t believe my eyes, he was the stereotype I’d always dreaded. The car stank of smoke and a fresh cig dangled from the corner of his mouth. Gold chains, tattoos AND a skin head. 😯 But maybe I was just being judgemental? It wouldn’t be the first time. NOPE I was definitely right. For starters he took me the long way round and smoked constantly. Three cigarettes in a twenty minute journey! The topic of choice today was Uber.. Great. Possibly one of the most inflammatory areas of conversation. I started to feel car sick, so I closed my eyes for a minute and hoped that he’d get the hint. “You ignoring me? What you being moody for?” He spat. I explained about the car sickness, but he seemed to spontaniously ignore that fact and went on to talk about how some people in the world are social and some aren’t. I’m guessing that was a dig at me… But hey, I can’t be sure!

Just to add a cherry on top of the situation, he overcharged me and then claimed to “not have any change” – so I was down £3.50. Despite my outrage I didn’t say anything. I can’t argue with taxi drivers, I suddenly become tongue tied and feel all flustered. 

I hate to state the obvious, but is it any wonder that Uber is taking over cabbie territory? An accurate arrival time, fair price, clean car AND a silent but polite driver? The only other thing I could ask for is Champagne in the glove compartment!  Most importantly, I feel safe and non intimidated. (Famous last words). My spider signals haven’t gone off once!

So there you have it. All those who suffer with taxi anxiety should switch to Uber. Or failing that, just don’t ring ‘A * cabs’ when in Norwich.  


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  1. That taxi driver and the entire journey sounds horrendous. Well done you for living to tell the tale!

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