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Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic… and the rest!

Anxious skin – video 

Part 1 & 2 – I had to split them because Rigby was being a diva! I’ve had a few emails asking whether anxiety affects my skin. The answer is YES! I hope these videos are helpful. 

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  1. Helpful tips, Claire! I’m going to share this with my daughter, who’s looking for some new products to help her skin. Thanks!

  2. Hi Claire,

    Let me start by saying your dog is absolutely gorgeous, she’s sdorable!

    Thank you for sharing, I never had problem skin as a teenager (not even a single spot) but I haven’t been so lucky lately, I break out in horrible acne with cyst like spots that are painful and recurring. I agree it’s the hormonal imbalance that’s part of anxiety and stress. My doctor prescribed me a topical antibiotic for the acne and it helps but I’d love to come off that so I will be giving these products and vitamins a try. I already cleanse and tone my skin but will use these products. Hope you’re well.


  3. I love that Origins spot gel :)) Also – salicylic acid is just the posh name for aspirin, if that makes things easier! It’s the active ingredient.

  4. Hi Claire! I love reading your blog… it was one of the first ones I found when I started mine. I just nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award! I want to thank you for your inspiration, motivation, and insight. Have a wonderful day, Jenny

  5. Hi, dunno if you remember me, I’ve had no real Internet connection the last months so I was forced to neglect this blog but finally I have Internet again. Not a moment too soon, I’m at a “Daily clinic” atm where you spend the day with various therapies and groups but go home in the afternoon. Naturally there have been huge waves set in motion emotionally (word game completely unintentional ) and right now my tension and anxiety was so high, none of my skills worked and it grew so bad I was afraid I’d have to call a doctor but then it hit me: I have Internet again, I can go read Claire ‘s blog again!!!!
    My tension immediately went down 20% and although it is still higher than usual, with the reminder that people like you are out there I think I can beat it! !!!!
    Thank you Claire, for not backing down and for constantly reminding me that the anxiety tiger can be tamed,
    Regards Lexi

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