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Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic… and the rest!

You’re NOT Alone

Ok, so the good news is… I’ve found a venue! I’ve even managed to negotiate a free room (lots of begging on my part.) So please find the updated details below:

Event: You’re NOT Alone
Date: 7th August
Time: 19:00-22:00
Venue: The Marquis in central London http://www.themarquiscoventgarden.co.uk/ – it’s the upstairs area.
Please click on the following link to view the Facebook event.

I hope that everyone will be happy enough with this venue? I’ve been there a few times and can vouch for it’s nice and intimate space. It’s also easy to find. If you exit the tube at Charring Cross then it’s literally 5 minutes away (click on the website for directions.)
If you would like to attend please could you RSVP via either the event or to my email: claireeastham@gmail.com – it’s not for potential hounding reasons, it’s just so that I can have an idea of how much space we’ll need.
I’m hoping to give everyone a small glass of wine on arrival, but that is subject to whatever funding I can scrape! I’ll keep you updated on the vino situation via Facebook.
Speaking of which, I’ll level with you… The staff at the Marquis have been so obliging and supportive that I feel we should purchase two drinks each on the night. Otherwise I might be banned forever, which would make me very sad.

Ok, serious part over. It will be a very relaxed and friendly evening, (whether you like it or not!) I will probably be slightly tipsy due to nerves, but if you could ignore that and politely tell me that I’m the most confident person you’ve ever met, then that’d be great. I’m really much looking forward to meeting you all and having a good natter.

In others news, as I will be leaving my current job next week I have to comply a leaving speech. Easy right? Not nerve-racking at all. As usual, my standard mental response is: ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!! I can’t think of anything that I’d rather do less (except gorilla wrestling, but that’s a different story entirely.) First of all, my colleagues will expect tears which I won’t be able to offer. When I’m shitting myself with nerves I cannot cry, it just won’t happen. To be honest, they’ll be lucky if I don’t keel over. Maybe I can wear my sunglasses and joke; It’s to protect you all from the floods – probably won’t work, I’ll just end up looking like a nob.
My manager will speak first, which is worse in a way because I cringe whenever people say nice things about me, (a glimpse into my self-esteem right there!) I’ll just blush and try to focus on my feet.
In all seriousness, it’ll be hard for me because I have a phobia about public speaking and I might have to deal with a major panic attack. However, it will be good practice I’m sure. Besides, if something embarrassing does happen then I won’t have to worry, as I’ll probably never see most of them again, so it’s fine!
For the time being I will keep my brain nicely distracted, so that it isn’t tempted to conjure up a whole list of potential terrifying scenarios! That’s the wonderfully bothersome thing about the brain, it projects your worst nightmares into reality like an old movie. You can view the screening any time, any place and completely free of charge.

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