wE'Re AlL mAd HeRe

Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic… and the rest!

One crazy party!

Listen up people I have an idea. (Sadly no, I’m not going to form a chart topping pop group that specialises in songs about paperclips… although that sounds like a niche right there!) I’m hoping to organise an event/party for people with anxiety, depression or panic related disorders.
For so many years I truly believed that I was a freak. I thought that I was the only one who experienced anxiety and consequently hid it from the world. I used all of my energy just trying to be ‘normal’ and this eventually made me very ill. It’s now become my goal in life to make others realise that they are NOT alone.

So I want to throw an event for people to have a few drinks, laugh and meet others with similar issues. I’m inspired whenever I talk to someone who has dealt with a mental illness, they’re honesty is refreshing and bold.
To be clear; this will NOT be anything formal like a seminar or *shudders* a work shop. Can you imagine? Ok, let’s go around the room.  I want everyone to state their name, occupation and tell us a fun fact about themself – ARRRRRRRGGGGGH! I might try and get a guest speaker if I can wrangle one, but that’s it in terms of formalities. This will be very casual, supportive and relaxed. I want it to be the kind of party that you can turn up to alone and not feel self-conscious. I’d like you to be able to approach me (or whoever) and say ; Hi social gatherings make me nervous and I’m freaking out here.. can we chat for a bit?! To which I would respond; Hell yes, lets freak out together! What type of anxiety do you have?

The event is in the early stages at the moment as I’ll need to work out the logistics. But the basics are the below:

Event name: You’re NOT alone.
Location: London
Venue: Whichever one I can negotiate with to give me a free room! (I’m open to suggestions)
Date: Late August
Entry: Free
Drinks: Hopefully I can get some free wine and soft drinks, but you’ll probably need to purchase at least one beverage.

If you’re interested in attending then please do drop me an email; claireeastham@gmail.com (nothing abusive or sexually explicit please!) I will need to work out numbers before I can start organising anything, so let me know if you’d be up for coming along. Don’t worry, I won’t start harassing you with chaser emails or anything! This is genuinely just an idea that may or may not manifest.

We shall see!


Categories: Anxiety, Social Anxiety

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  1. If I lived closer I would love to come! It would be nice to meet people who understand anxiety. I hope lots of people are interested and you blog about the end result (fingers crossed it goes ahead) 🙂


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