wE'Re AlL mAd HeRe

Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic… and the rest!

Work it!

Interesting/chaotic start to the day.
I got up at 6am to go the gym, I find that cardio exercise is a really good way to burn off excess adrenalin. It also wakes me up more than a Starbucks coffee… shocking but true.
Now, I’m not what you’d call a naturally active person. I don’t do any kind of sports (except badminton now and again) and I certainly don’t go jogging. However, I do enjoy lots of walking and running on a treadmill.
Unfortunately I haven’t deemed it necessary yet to buy some appropriate gym attire and I tend to make do with whatever I can find. So I left the flat this morning dressed like an escapee from a local psychiatric unit. Grey beach shorts, a skanky over-sized yellow T’shirt and ‘Hi Tec’ battered trainers complete with black socks that were pulled up to my shin.  I got some serious looks  walking down the street and the receptionist looked slightly scared. Ok I can take a hint, I need to buy something Nike and non-scary.
I dropped the padlock from my locker on my big toe which was a good start, (I never thought I’d use the phrase Mother F**cker in my life, but apparently a padlock to the toe is the right catalyst.)
Anyway, after running on the treadmill for five minutes and happily day dreaming I was suddenly interrupted by a very beautiful and loud Spanish gym employee.

Gym lady: Excuse Miss, you aren’t running very well,
Me: *Startled/confused voice* I’m sorry, what?
Gym lady: You’re no running correctly. If you run that way you’ll hurt your knees.
Me: Opps… I’ve always ran this way.
Gym Lady: You run on tip toes. Like you walkin on egg shells.
Me: Story of my life!
Gym Lady: (Doesn’t laugh)
Me: (Over compensates for her lack of laughing) Hahahahahahaha!
Gym Lady: You get off and I show you how to do it properly.

I then had to watch her run and try to copy it correctly whilst being watched by her and half of the gym. Don’t get me wrong I really appreciated her advice and I’ll make a conscious effort to run properly from now on. However, I did feel like a child in P.E class all over again spent the rest of my session hiding from her!
Finally, after my work out I was greeted in the changing rooms by a woman stood in front of the mirror who was sensually rubbing moisturiser over her bare breasts. It went on for a good five minutes, she was loving it… I imagine that’s what high class pornography would look like

Despite my shambles of a session I would still encourage everyone who has an anxious condition to exercise at least twice a week (unless advised against this by your doctor.) People with anxiety produced more adrenalin than others and it curses through our veins like morphine. It’s important to find a natural way to release it and re-balance your hormones, as you’ll feel much better for it. There are so many options with exercise these days. If you hate the gym you could try swimming, team sports, jogging or even an exercise video in your living room, anything to get your heart thumping.
I try to do three 45 minute sessions a week. Obviously make sure you’ve eaten before you begin and drink lots of water.
Another positive with exercise is that it helps your brain get used to having a pounding heart and shortness of breath. This is especially useful for people who suffer from panic attacks. During an attack your brain will convince you that your pounding heart and troubled breathing are extremely dangerous and are a sign of something awful. However, both symptoms can be perfectly normal during the right circumstance and exercise is one of these. Therefore if you can acclimatise your brain to both then you’ll find it easier to rational these symptoms when having an attack. A pounding heart and shortness of breath are just reactions to adrenalin.

So yes, get yourself to the gym and feel good…. Just watch out for the woman with the oily tits!

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